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16th April, 2009

The Deadman takes the Heart Break Kid's soul from Wrestlemania

The Undertaker was against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25. This was the clash of Heaven... and Hell! This was the match of a life time. Shawn Michaels gave it all of his best, but could not defeat the Deadman. After an epic battle with shadow against light, The Demon of Death Valley resumed victory at Wrestlemania with his 17th soul in his yard. There were more than 72000 people on their feet when The Undertaker gave Shawn Michaels a Tombstone Piledriver and had him pinned but The Heart Break Kid kicked out of it and The Undertaker was in fustration. The Undertaker had Shawn Michaels at one point out of the ring and Undertaker had jumped over the ropes but HBK had put one of the camera men in the Phenom's path of destruction. But as soon as they were in the ring Shawn Michaels had done a back flip frog splash on The Undertaker, but The Undertaker had caught Shawn Michaels upside down and gave him the Tombstone Piledriver and has now won at Wrestlemania 25 with the new,17-0 record, at Wrestlemania 25. REST, IN, PEACE SHAWN MICHAELS!!!

by Michael Dixon

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