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26th February, 2010

Heart Broken

ST. LOUIS - In a shocking upset, Chris Jericho outlasted five elite SmackDown Superstars to become a six-time World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Elimination Chamber. But, his victory wasn’t simply a case of Jericho being “the best in the world at what he does.” Ultimately, his triumph came with some shocking “Heartbreak,” in the form of HBK.

Match photos

Nonetheless, Jericho overcame tremendous odds to capture the World Championship inside Satan’s Structure, outlasting not only the legendary Undertaker, but also John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio.

The career-threatening match proved to be a brutal battle from the moment CM Punk locked horns with R-Truth at the opening bell. The Second City Saint defeated the rapping Superstar with the GTS before Rey Mysterio could even enter the Chamber at No. 3. The Master of the 619 – who has a tremendous score to settle with Punk for the back-to-back assaults he has endured on SmackDown – returned the favor by pinning Punk with a splash before Jericho could enter at No. 4.

John Morrison entered at No. 5, initiating a fast-paced trifecta of pain that eventually ended with The Guru of Greatness pinning Mysterio with Starship Pain.

The Demon of Death Valley entered last, finishing off The Shaman of Sexy with a chokeslam onto the unforgiving steel.

The Undertaker then turned his attention back to Jericho. But just as he seemed ready to finish off his prey, Shawn Michaels suddenly emerged from under the Chamber and executed an earth-shattering Sweet Chin Music to cost the World Champion his title.

Although Shawn Michaels’ attack on The Phenom came as a surprise to the entire WWE Universe, it is no secret that HBK has been consumed with his attempts to face The Deadman in a WrestleMania rematch for months. Clearly, the frustration of coming up short in his quest time and time again - with devastating losses in the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match at Raw – has taken its toil.

Despite the circumstances surrounding Jericho’s triumph, the enormity of his feat can not be denied. By conquering the dreaded, steel terror that is the Elimination Chamber, the highly decorated Superstar did more than back-up his claim that he would capture the illustrious title two days earlier on SmackDown. His monumental triumph has earned him the right to headline WrestleMania, adding to his already amazing list of accolades.

by Michael Dixon

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