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17th April, 2009

Stone Colds A Legend

Stone Cold Steve Austin, these are the words everyone knows. He was a Hell raisin', beer guzzling, rattlesnake for WWE and WWF in the past. His last appearance at WWE was at Wrestlemania 25 when, for a moment, was with the other Legends that were inducted. But, as soon as he walks out and the others after a while too, the camera looks at the door and every one sees a pair of headlights in the dark door way, and then all of a sudden Stone Cold's music starts playing and Steve Austin comes out on a ATV and goes circles around the ring, and just when you think he can't do any thing better than that... he starts driving backwards! This was insane! Then he goes into the ring and in all of the corners of the ring, he cracks two cans of beer open and bangs them together and drinks them. He heads back to his ATV and heads back to the stage. Then yet again with the beer, he gives a tribute to his time during the WWE and WWF. Stone Cold has warmed all of our hearts and was a great wrestler in his time but now he has been in the WWE Hall of Fame and finally, a Legend. OH.. HELL... YEAH!!!!

by Michael Dixon

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