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WWE Hall of Fame Wrestlers and Divas Real Names

As you should already know, wrestlers don't usually use their real life names as their stage names. So here is a list of the WWE Hall Of Fame and their real life names.

Ring Name

Real Name

Arthur Anoa'i Sr.
Andre the Giant
Andre Roussimoff
Antonino Rocca
Antonino Biassetton
Arnold Skaaland
Arnold Skaaland
Baron Mikel Scicluna
Mikel Scicluna
Big John Studd
John Minton Sr.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts
Bill Watts
"Superstar" Billy Graham
Eldridge Wayne Coleman
Blackjack Lanza
Jack Lanza
Blackjack Mulligan
Robert Windham
"Cowboy" Bob Orton
Bob Orton Jr.
Bobby "the brain" Heenan
Raymond Heenan
Bobo Brazil
Houstin Harris
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Bret Hart
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers
Herman C. Rohde Jr.
Captain Lou Albano
Louis Albano
Chief Jay Strongbow
Joe Scarpa
Chris Von Erich
Christopher Adkisson
Classy Freddie Blassie
Frederick Blassman
David Von Erich
David Adkisson
Don Muraco
Donald Muraco
Dory Funk Jr.
Dorrance Funk Jr.
Dusty Rhodes
Virgil Runnels Jr.
Eddie Graham
Edward Gossett
Eddie Guerrero
Eduardo Guerrero
"Big Cat" Ernie Ladd
Ernie Ladd
Fritz Von Erich
Jack Adkisson
George "the animal" Steele
William Myers
Gerald Brisco
Floyd Gerald Brisco
Gordon Solie
Jonard Frank Labiak
Gorilla Monsoon
Robert Marella
Greg "the hammer" Valentine
Greg Wisniski
Harley Race
Harley Race
Howard Finkel
Howard Finkel
Hulk Hogan
Terry Bollea
Ivan Putski
Josef Bednarski
Jack Brisco
Freddie Joe Brisco
James Dudley
James Dudley
Jerry "the king" Lawler
Jerry Lawler
Jesse "the body" Ventura
James Janos
Jim Ross
Jim Ross
Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
James Reiher Sr.
Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Hart
Jimmy Valiant
James Fanning
Johnny Rodz John Rodriguez
Johnny Valiant John Sullivan
Kerry Von Erich Kerry Adkisson
Kevin Von Erich Kevin Adkisson
Killer Kowalski Wladek Kowalski
Koko B. Ware James Ware
Mae Young Johnnie Mae Young
Mene Gene Okerlund Eugene Okerlund
Mike Von Erich Michael Adkisson
Mr. Fuji Harry Fujiwara
Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig
Nick Bockwinkel Nick Bockwinkel
Nikolai Volkoff Josip Peruzovic
Pat Patterson Pierre Clemont
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff Paul Orndorff
Pedro Morales Pedro Morales
Pete Rose Pete Rose
"High Chief" Peter Maivia Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia
Ric Flair Richard Fliehr
Ricky "the dragon" Steamboat Richard Blood
"Soulman" Rocky Johnson Wayde Bowles
Rowdy Roddy Piper Roderick Toombs
Sgt. Slaughter Robert Remus
Sika Leati Anoa'i
Stone Cold Steve Austin Steve Williams
Terry Funk Terrence Funk
The Fabulous Moolah Lillian Ellison
The Grand Wizard Ernie Roth
The Iron Sheik Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri
The Junkyard Dog Sylvester Ritter
The Original Sheik Edward Farhat
The Sensational Sherri Sherri Schrull
Tito Santana Merced Solis
Tony Atlas Anthony White
Verne Gagne Verne Gagne
Vince McMahon Sr. Vincent James McMahon Sr.
William "the refrigerator" Perry William Perry

If you have anymore suggestions to be included in the list above, please send Smackdown Zone an email using the contact form.

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