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22nd April, 2009

The Games Law

Triple H has had it with Randy Orton lately. If you have seen on WWE, Randy Orton has done everything to ruin Triple H's life, starting with Vince McMahon. Vince had finally come back from his injury and was face to face with Randy Orton. Vince asked Orton to appologise to him but Orton didn't say anything at all. Vince asked him one more time and he said "If you don't appologise to me Randy, I will fire you right on this spot!" But still Orton didn't say anything. Vince was about to tell Orton his trade mark saying, " YOUR FIRED!!!!", and as soon as Vince said "YOUR..." Orton slapped him in the face before he said, "...FIRED!!!!", and punted Vince in the head. Everyone thought that Orton just did something wrong, but Orton "knew" what he was doing. To take revenge for his father, Shane Mcmahon stepped in to take out Orton. Overall, Shane was doing great fighting Randy, but it turned out the same as his dad, Punted in the head. After Shane was punted, Stephanie McMahon came out to see if her brother was alright and then she started to ask Orton, "Why did you do it?", and out of the blue, Orton RKO's Stephanie. But Orton did something wrong there. Triple H had hurried up and ran out to see if his wife was alright. For a moment there, Triple H was more worried about his wife but then he put his attention on Orton. The Game was red and shaking like crazy and boy was he ticked! He told Randy, "I'm going to break your neck!" And so at Wrestlemania 25 Randy got a piece of his own medicine. Triple H punted Orton in the head with a thunderous kick and put the sledge hammer to his chest and gave him the pedigree to win at Wrestlemania 25. BOW DOWN TO THE KING!!!/p>

by Michael Dixon

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